It will not be wrong to say that ‘Divas’ brought excitement and glamour to WWE sport. Ever since their induction, which was around 1990, WWE has gained tremendous popularity and female wrestlers have certainly rocked the stage. These kickass ladies are not just strong and talented wrestlers but also super-hot and attractive. WWE’s female wrestlers have gained great respect in terms of their in-ring talent as well as promotional skills. It is not easy to make a list of these women in terms of their beauty because each of them is just spell bounding, nevertheless, here’s a list of the top 10 hottest WWE female wrestlers.

10. Liv Morgan

Right from her childhood, in the makeshift wrestling ring back in her home, Liv had dreamed of becoming a superstar. And here she is, living her dream in full bloom. Morgan stepped into the ring in 2015 in NXT and moved up to the company’s main roster in 2017. Later after a year, Morgan got drafted in the RAW brand. She was born in New Jersey on 8th June 1994. There’s something she says about New Jersey: “There’s just a certain mentality when you come from New Jersey, a never-say-never attitude.”, which is quite true in her case. Liv has been a great fan of Lita and admired the way she dressed. Now the wrestling world admires her. Liv is a combination of agility and beauty. She has also worked as a cheerleader and a model.

9. Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke has been in WWE for only a short period, but she made a big impact and gained a great number of fans all due to her undeniable skills and glamourous look. Born December 4th 1984, Brooke has made her name in modeling, acting in addition to wrestling. Brooke got associated with WWE in 2006 when she participated in WWE Diva Search but failed. It didn’t matter to her as she reached the main roster in 2007, in Extreme Expose. Brooke is known for her performance in Total Nonstop action wrestling for which she became a champion thrice. Her tag team with Tara, named TnT, was unbeatable and they secured the Tag team championship. She had to leave the promotion due to pregnancy but came back after just a year still strong and fresh. Brooke’s style is unmatched.

8. Rosa Mendes

Starting from cheering her favorite wrestler from the ringside, Rosa Mendes moved up to be a part of this amazing line up of women wrestlers. Another example of how one can achieve their dreams if consistency is in your attitude. Rosa started her journey in 2006 by participating in WWE Diva Search.  Despite failing, she was recognized by WWE for her unmatched talent and devotion. Rosa is a supermodel and an actress. She was able to win the Latin American based modeling content in 2008, becoming the first North American to bag this prestigious award. In 2010, Mendez won the Queen of FCW and kept a hold of it until February 2011.

7. Lana

Lana, the beauty queen is next on the next. Her real name is Catherine Perry and she was born in Florida. Lana has been associated with music and dancing since her childhood. She practiced ballet in Latvia where she spent most of her childhood. Later on, she started dancing, singing, and writing music. Other than that, wrestling has always been a passion which she wanted to pursue. So, she started her WWE journey and reached the top in no time. Lana belongs to a rich and powerful family, she is well versed in business and marketing. She met Rusev along the WWE journey and is now happily married to him.

6. Peyton Royce

The definition of grace and elegance, Cassandra McIntosh is a professional wrestler, model, and an amazing dancer. Her agility and fast movements in the ring can be explained by her interest in Ballet and martial arts. Royce took part in independent rounds before stepping in WWE in 2015. She found Billie Kay who soon became her BFF, and they together gained much popularity in WWE. Popular for her Tag team championships with Kay, Royce also got featured in WWE 2K19 and 2K20 video games.

5. Torrie Wilson

Born in Idaho, Torrie Wilson was fond of cheerleading and modeling. A beautiful model and a fitness freak, Torrie took up modeling in the 1990s. Her interest in wrestling originated when she visited backstage with her boyfriend, Scott Steiner in WCW. She got recognized by WCW and got signed up till 2000. Later she entered the WWF. Torrie Wilson got featured on the cover of several magazines, and why shouldn’t she be? Her sparkling persona and the glamourous look is still praised. In 2019, Wilson got her name in the WWE Hall of fame.

4. Eve Torres

Eve Torres, a versatile actress, dancer, and ex-wrestler, she has done it all. From dancing for the Southern California Summer Pro League to getting a degree in industrial and systems engineering, Eve has lived an interesting life. She won the WWE Diva search in 2007 and is famous for being the first-ever three times WWE Diva Champion. Now, Eve is a self-defense trainer in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in California and appears in a few American series.

3. Maryse

Maryse is a star! She is a businesswoman, a model, an actress, a wrestler, and a wrestling manager. Maryse Ouellet is currently residing in California. She participated in the WWE Diva search but did not make the cut. However, She got recognized for her elegance and moved up to become the WWE Diva Champion. Maryse is a black belt in martial arts. She is married to The Miz and lives happily with her family.

2. Trish Stratus

One of the most popular Divas in WWE, Trish Stratus is a three-time ‘Babe of the Year’. A fitness master and a model, Trish is currently running her Yoga and training academy. She used to play soccer and hockey in her high school and got to know about wrestling while shooting for a muscle magazine. She reached the top rather quickly and bagged the WWE Women’s Championship, a whopping seven times! Soon she got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

1. Stacy Keibler

We saved Stacy Keibler for the first place, her rightful place in the list of Top 10 hottest WWE female wrestlers. A great actress, dancer, and brilliant model, Keibler is the queen of glamour and a sex symbol. She started in WCW as a part of Nitro girls. And later got the managerial post as Miss Hancock. She departed from WWE in 2006 as ‘Super Stacy’. During her time in ‘Dancing with the stars’, Stacy was popular for her unusually long legs and got nicknamed as ‘A weapon of mass seduction’. She also got the titles ‘The legs of WWE’ and ‘The legs of WCW’.

These strong and hot women sure rock the world with stunning and breathe-taking beauty that makes many hearts flutter.

By Yusra A

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