Wrestling may have started as men’s only sport, but this anomaly no longer exists as women have stepped in with a bang! WWE has had a long history of introducing Women Wrestlers to the world. From the early 1980s to the 2020s, the women in WWE have had a 4-decade long run that is only bound to get stronger and more prominent. Over the past decade, we have come across some spectacular moments, and keeping them in mind, sorting a list of top 10 women is quite challenging.

Nevertheless, here’s our list of the top 10 women who have proven to be remarkable achievers until now.

10. Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has always had to live in her father’s shadow, but she has made a name for herself, in her own right. Stephanie started her career at the WWE as a wrestler.

After a short live career wrestling, Stephanie later branched out into the management side of WWE. Serving as General Manager for both SmackDown and Raw.

However, her position on the list is solidified by her recent and excellent work as the Raw Commissioner. Not to mention the part she played in bringing the Women Wrestling to the mainstream. In her words a “Revolution” in the female wrestling.

9. Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is an OG WWE wrestler. Working in WWE for close to two decades. Trish has given the fans some great matches over the years. Including one of the best fights in WWE Women’s history as she fought against Victoria in a no holds barred, Hardcore Women’s Championship duel.

But her position on this list is solidified due to the fact she remained unrivaled champ of the WWE Women’s Championship for an amazing 7 years.

8. AJ Lee

AJ Lee has a special place as her athletic career was a lot shorter than the rest of the divas. However, during the brief period between 2011 and 2015 AJ Lee had the most enthralling journeys in WWE. AJ Lee nicknamed “Crazy Chick”, unrivaled in her intensity.

Multi-talented AJ also worked as a General Manager of Raw for a brief period. She is famous for her record-tying (with Eve Torres) reign as the Divas Champion, for a total of 3-times. And the 2nd longest title holder at 295 days, just 6 days shy of the Longest reign held by Nikki Bella. Her combined reign lasted for 406 days. Let’s not forget the iconic skip she did each time she headed into the ring.

7. Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey started her career as a professional MMA fighter, who later conquered the ring of WWE in 2018. She debuted at WrestleMania 34 and later became the Raw Women’s Champion.

She was a headliner at the inaugural WWE all-women pay-per-view event when she magnificently defended her title against Nikki Bella at WWE Evolution. Rousey defended the title for 231 days which is the second-longest in history.

Rumors are she is coming back to reclaim her throne and it’s going to be crazy.

6. Paige

Paige was a relatively new addition to the WWE in comparison to some of the others on this list. She debuted at the tender age of 13 she was destined to be a star in the wrestling world. Later she joined the WWE in 2011 at the age of 19, and Winning the Divas Championship at the age of 21, making her the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history.

A true warrior and first NXT Women’s Champion, winning the title in a thrilling eight-woman single-elimination tournament to become the inaugural champion. Not to mention a 2-time Divas Champion. Unfortunately, she had to take early retirement due to her neck injury back in 2018. In 2012 right after she debuted in the WWE, a documentary was released in her honor that showed her journey and struggles to achieve the glory she did in WWE.

5. Asuka

Asuka, a Japanese warrior, took the stage by storm. She is the first Japanese woman that signed a contract with WWE in over two decades. She is a beast. The only way to describe her is by the sheer amount of accomplishments she has had over the years.

Asuka is an all-rounder having held a majority of the Championship Belts in the WWE. She is a former NXT Women’s Champion with an unmatched title reign of 510 days.

She holds the record for the fastest submission in a women’s match, against Dana Brooke. 3 SECONDS were all it took her to defeat the opponent.

She has held the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Women’s Tag Team Championship as well as Raw Women’s Championship.

Oh, and the cherry on top, she won the first Women’s Royal Rumble match at Royal Rumble 31 in 2018.

4. Kelly Kelly

When it comes to talent these women have tons of it. Barbara Jean Blank or better known by her ring name “Kelly Kelly” is another superstar. From acting to modeling and gymnastics she has done all. Back in 2006, she debuted in WWE. She had a slow start, a bit of an underdog. In 2011 “Kelly Kelly” stunned everyone by winning the WWE Women’s Championship. She remained “the champ” for four months.

A surprise to everyone she retired early in 2012. But since then she graced the stage with special appearances. Popularly in “RAW Reunion”, she won against “Gerald Brisco” a WWE 24/7 Championship, becoming the first woman to do so.  She has a great fan following and rumors are she may return full time.  

3. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is another new face to the WWE joining NXT in 2013, but becoming a part of the main roster on WWE SmackDown in 2016. She is a 2-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, a 3-time Raw Women’s Champion making her the first woman to have won both titles. She is a 2-time Women’s Tag Team Champion, 1-time Women’s Triple Crown Champion. It would be remiss to not mention that she has won the second-ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. And finally, she secured the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match. Alexa Bliss is truly a bliss and a guaranteed future WWE Hall of Famer.

2. The Bella Twins

This is kinda cheating but we just couldn’t resist putting both the Bellas on the list. Nikki and Brie Bella are the most iconic Tag Team duo in WWE history. You can’t talk about one without the other. The Bellas have given us some of the best moments in WWE, with their signature “Twin Magic” being a highlight of every match. Each of the Bellas has held the Divas Championship, with Nikki, in particular, having held the title for the record 301 days, in the history of the Belt. The twins are already set to become Hall of Famers.

1. Becky Lynch

Saved the first spot for Becky Lynch, one of WWE’s biggest and most profound names right now. She joined up with the WWE in 2013 via NXT, later joining the main roaster in 2016 where she became the SmackDown Women’s Champion.  Further having held the Championship Belt 3-times, as well as holding the Raw Women’s Championship 1-time. Becky won the second-ever Women’s, Royal Rumble. She is also the only wrestler to hold the WWE Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship at the same time. Becky Lynch is on a roll and is only going to go up from here.

The Women of WWE have come a long way from the early days of Divas in the 90’s to the Women’s Revolution that started in 2016. Defying all the stereotypes by gaining a major foothold in the world of wrestling, they are now revered throughout the planet. The sky’s the limit for these ‘wonder women’!

By Yusra A

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